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Easy, Moderate, Adventure

You want to experience an adventure with your whole family, from the playful five-year-old right up to your independent teenager and spry grandparent. Rios Tropicales offers twilight float trips and exciting, age-appropriate rafting adventures and many others for an unforgettable family vacation.

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Easy & Moderate

You like a little bit of everything--laid-back relaxing and soaking up Costa Rica’s beauty and thrilling jungle action. Hike an active volcano, soar through the canopy on a zipline, paddle on a lake or river, or chill at an ecolodge. Rios Tropicales has adventures especially for your exploratory nature.

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Adventure & High Adventure

You like adrenaline and diving into action on land, air or water. From rafting the rapids to canyoning down waterfalls, there’s no shortage of high-octane adventures with Rios Tropicales. Pick one activity or combine a few for the vacation of a lifetime.

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Easy, Moderate, Adventure,
High Adventure

You want to give back wherever you go and leave a small footprint. Rios Tropicales shares both those desires and actively engages in rainforest reforestation, river conservation and community projects. If you’re interested in a sustainable tourism package, we can help you create the perfect trip.

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