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  • About Us

    Rios Tropicales was ranked the #1 Costa Rica Adventure Outfitter and #5 Rafting Company in the World by National Geographic Adventure Online Magazine in November 2007. Rios Tropicales is an eco-adventure company that operates throughout Read More
  • Achievements

    International Achievements and Rivers Run Around The Globe by Rios Tropicales Staff Events Organized World Rafting Championships Costa Rica 2011 Latin America Whitewater Championship 1999 (Costa Rica Rafting Organization) Costa Rica National Whitewater Championship 1999 Read More
  • Eco-Initiatives

    Eco-Initiatives Rios Tropicales has pursued environmentally, culturally, and socially responsible business practices and initiatives for Costa Rica and the areas we run our trips since our founding in 1985. A Rafting & Adventure Company That Read More
  • History

    Rios Tropicales was established in 1985, by childhood friends Rafael Gallo and Fernando Esquivel. Twenty nine years later, the company is recognized as the #1 Adventure Outfitter in #CostaRica. (by National Geographic Adventure Magazine, November Read More
  • Operations Center:

    El Cairo de Siquirres. First Class installations for our First Class paddlers! Rios Tropicales Operations Center was designed for our clients coming in and ourt of the Pacuare and Reventazon Rivers. Read More
  • Política y Normativa Ambiental

    Ríos Tropicales realmente valora la importancia del entorno ambiental y socio-cultural relacionado a todas nuestras actividades... Read More
  • Misión, Visión & Valores

    MISIÓN Compartir los ríos y naturaleza de Costa Rica con el mundo; guiándonos por nuestros valores de conservación; reconociendo la cultura local y estableciendo lazos con las comunidades vecinas. Con un equipo de trabajo siempre Read More

About Us

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Rios Tropicales was ranked the #1 Costa Rica Adventure Outfitter and #5 Rafting Company in the World by National Geographic Adventure Online Magazine in November 2007.

Rios Tropicales is an eco-adventure company that operates throughout Costa Rica - on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, in the mountainous central rainforest, and in the western regions. We offer adventure activities that take advantage of Costa Rica’s unique variety of environments: whitewater rafting, multisport activities that feature kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and cycling, family adventures, cultural encounters, nature and wildlife tours, and “volun-tourism”. Our mission, to share the rivers, natural resources and culture of Costa Rica while sharing conservation values, has not changed since we began in 1985. Rios Tropicales was established by native Central Americans, the Salvadorian Rafael Gallo and Costa Rican Fernando Esquivel, whose deep connection with the region and culture are apparent in every aspect of the company. 

Rios Tropicales Operates Adventure Trips Throughout Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country with a wide variety of environments: rivers and jungles in the mountainous central rainforest; a dry western region of Guanacaste; and either side is flanked by the ocean coasts of the Pacific and the Atlantic. Rios Tropicales has offices and outposts locations throughout the country: in the capital city of San Jose, central Costa Rica, Rios Tropicales Operations Center (El Cairo de Siquirres), La Fortuna, Cañas, and Quepos. Rios Tropicales' signature trips are the Pacuare River Rafting Adventures, offered in one through four day packages, with multi-day trips staying at their acclaimed rainforest “Eco-Lodge” deep within the Pacuare Protected Zone.

Rios Tropicales Operations Center in El Cairo de Siquirres (Province of Limón), offers private gardens and forest, trails, wildlife, and an ethno botanical garden. It is located at the crossroads of the Reventazon River, Pacuare River and Tortuguero Canals - the heart of Costa Rica’s renowned rafting waters.

More Rios Tropicales History

Rios Tropicales - Role Model for Sustainable Business Practices and Eco-Tourism

Our company has been committed to sustainable business practices and ecotourism since inception. Our primary goal is to ensure that the rivers and natural resources of Costa Rica are available for future generations, and we promote this both through educating guests as well as educating the local community. More than 95% of our staff are local members of the community " like the Obando family that manages our Rios Tropicales Lodge, and our guides" some of whom are indigenous Cabecar Indians, along with the now grown Obando children, who lead hikes into their homeland wilderness areas. Rios Tropicales has carefully made use of pre-existing hunting and Indian trails that traverse the reserve for hiking and travel “rather than creating new (and less sustainable) pathways. Additionally, in developing and improving the Lodge, no forests were cleared, and we have no plans to clear trees in any future development.

We recognize that any disruption of this interrelated eco-system will have material negative effects on the diverse wildlife population, local indigenous Indian and native communities, and the regenerative health of the rainforest. We adhere to “Leave No Trace” practices and are dedicated to green building, renewable energy sources, and recycling and composting practices. This has allowed us to introduce thousands of new guests each year to the importance of protecting this dynamic eco-system for future generations of wildlife and people.

Rios Tropicales Conservation Partnerships

We have developed partnerships with many organizations dedicated to protecting both the country and the planet’s resources. Please see Sustainable Tourism for more information on the initiatives of Rios Tropicales.

• The National Forestry Financing Fund (Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal or FONAFIFO) was established in 1996 to promote the management of forests and strengthen the development of the natural resources sector. Rios Tropicales works with them to reforest areas within the reserve to offset pollution in other areas.

•Through a partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Rios Tropicales has pledged to plant 30,000 trees to contribute to the reforesting of the rainforest as part of a worldwide UN-sponsored tree-planting program. We are more than halfway to our goal at 20,000 planted so far.

• In 1994, Rios Tropicales founded the Fundacion Rios Tropicales (FRT), a non-profit environmental organization to assist in the preservation, protection and restoration of the rivers, streams and watersheds of Costa Rica. The Foundation recently launched environmental education programs in elementary schools throughout Costa Rica, with the goal of educating children about the rivers of their community and their impact upon them. At the end of each course, participants are presented with a seedling, which is planted in the community as an effort to reforest the watershed. 

Rafting the Pacuare River in Costa Rica

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