6 Best Things to Do in Costa Rica

07 Apr 6 Best Things to Do in Costa Rica

By Rohit Agarwal

6 Best Things to Do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America and a beautiful location where you can find nature in its full bloom. It is one place where the lush greens, wildlife, rivers, mountains, springs and coasts have learnt to co-exist with humans. A visit to Costa Rica is not just a holiday experience but it will lend you sensory reminiscences to cherish for a long time.


Here are six of the best things to do at Costa Rica where you can indulge in some fun, get some knowledge and return rejuvenated and relaxed.


  1. Whitewater Rafting


Rated as one of the 5 most amazing destinations for whitewater rafting in the world by National Geographic Magazine, Costa Rica has made its mark on the world map undoubtedly. The dips and twists alongside the Costa Rica canyons and valleys will leave you spellbound. Meandering the waterfalls carved through the dense forests, this adventure sport is sure to awestruck your senses for quite a while. You may ask for guided adventure specialists to help you experience nature’s beauty while rafting at peace.


  1. Visit to National Parks

Tenorio Volcano National Park, Photo by Mike Baird


The main attraction of Costa Rica is its splendid nature. Thankfully, with an array of national parks and forests, the nature is maintained and protected. Visit the Rincon de la Vieja National Park or the Manuel Antonio National Park to spot the variety of wildlife. At the latter, you can find different monkey species including the white faced one. It is also home to many reptiles, sloths and more.  Watch the amazing sight of turtles laying their eggs and young ones coming out of the shells at the Ostional Wildlife Refuge.  Another unique activity is a tram ride through forest. The bonus? Wildlife spotting! The Arenal Volcano National Park is another popular destination where you can also participate in some adventure activities. Other popular national parks are the Barra Honda National Park, Palo Verde National Park and the Hike Corcovado National Park.


  1. Beach Trails

Rio Aguajitas, Photo by Trish Hartmann


Costa Rica is known for its beautiful world-class beaches that are bountiful of dark and white sand. The waters are clear and hence suitable for scuba diving or snorkeling. Also, you can hire a boat or a bike to go exploring.  At Costa Rica, since the beaches are not crowded or even empty, you will have a great time relaxing, enjoying the water and weather and basically having a great time.


  1. Smell the Coffee, Literally

Doka Coffee Plantation, Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose


Earlier, the whole economy of Costa Rica was driven by its coffee produce. It is a sheer bliss to take a tour of the coffee farms taking in the aroma of coffee, knowing about the culture and stories of Tico and also see for yourself what your favorite coffee has to narrate. You will get to see the complete journey of a simple coffee bean turning to a delicious cup of coffee. A walk amongst the coffee farms enjoying the weather and the aroma is refreshing in itself.


  1. See the Volcanoes

Poás Volcano National Park, Photo by travelmag.com


There are around five active volcanoes in Costa Rica and it is a lifetime experience to watch the lava flowing and to see the bright flames. You can take guided tours for it. The Arenal Volcanoes, the Paos, Irazu, the Turrialba and the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano are the must-visit ones. The best time to see the erupting volcanoes is during the dry season.


  1. Take A Hot Spring Dip

Tabacon Hot Springs, Photo by Kevin Tostado


Costa Rica is also famous for its many hot springs and you will also find spas that are adjacent to some hot springs, where a dip in thermal water is a therapy. You can enjoy a relaxing dip in Arenal, Tabacon, and also at Titoku and Baldi. What more? You may make the most of these springs either at some hotel or resort or even one of the many rivers.

At Costa Rica, you can also indulge in adventure sports, water sports, jungle walks, and more. Tasting the different delicacies of Costa Rica is also something you will enjoy. The many rainforests, the national parks, the coffee plantations, the water springs, the wildlife and many more such attractions will definitely leave you wanting for more of Costa Rica. It is a place you will visit again and perhaps again.

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