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San José

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Paseo Colon, St 38 Av 3rd and 5th or from the Northwest corner of Centro Colon 50 mts north.

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DMS:  9°56’15.1″N 84°05’46.5″W

Central Caribe
& North Caribe Trips
El Cairo, Siquirres

Rios Tropicales
Cairo Operations Center

This is the  Pacuare Rafting Meeting Place and Operations Center for all Central Caribe Adventures.

GSP Coordinates
DMS:  10°6’12”N 83°32’53”W

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Rios Tropicales Cairo Operations Center in El Cairo de Siquirres (Province of Limón) is the meeting place for guests enjoying the Pacuare and Reventazon rafting trips, as well as embarking on Tortuguero adventures in the North Caribe region of Costa Rica. Guests enjoy the private gardens and forest, trails, wildlife, and an ethno botanical garden. The center has showers, changing rooms, and an open air dining facility with seating up to 250 guests that serves hot tropical paradise breakfasts and lunches. There is a full service bar and souvenir shop, as well as secure parking.  Our full service restaurant also has a bar, and seating for up to 250 guests.  It is located at the crossroads of the Reventazon River, Pacuare River and Tortuguero Canals – the heart of Costa Rica’s renowned rafting waters.  Guests arrive in the early morning, enjoy breakfast, change into their adventure gear and river clothing, then depart for their trips. Upon their return, guests return the river gear, shower and change back into dry clothing, and enjoy another wondrous tropical meal before departing by bus back to San Jose and area lodging.

Rios Tropicales Franchise Adventure Partners – Our Ecopreneurs

Who are these Rios Tropicales adventure partners? They are our wonderful ecopreneurs, specifically called out as an exceptional innovation by National Geographic in our 2008 National Geographic- Ashoka Changemakers Geotourism Leader award!  These ecopreneurs are our former Rios Tropicales head guides and longtime staff who wanted to open their own adventure tour companies. We helped them get going because we believe in supporting our communities by growing responsible entrepreneurs – how much closer can it get then helping our own top staff branch out in related businesses?!  We mentored these guides and provided marketing and operations assistance and support. Now they are our franchise partners, benefitting by Rios Tropicales’ ongoing knowledge and expertise and shared marketing efficiencies, while being fully independently owned by the entrepreneur partners.  This is the best of all worlds in ecotourism and sustainable rural development.  Meet all the Rios Tropicales staff.

About Costa Rica


Costa Rica is one of the oldest democracies in the Americas. It is a country proud of its heritage and tradition of negotiation over confrontation, social development over military spending and tolerance over hostility. It is the home to many international organizations such as the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the University for Peace of the United Nations and the Earth Council. Costa Rica abolished its military forces in 1949 and since then has devoted substantial resources to investment in health and education. It is a country that has placed a high priority in investing in public education, including the university system, as well as technical and vocational training. Its population of 4.4 million people enjoys a literacy rate of 96% and a life expectancy of 79.3 years.

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Costa Rica is a small landmass, sharing its northern border with Nicaragua and its southern border with Panama. Costa Rica’s size- 19,700 square miles or 51,100 square kilometers – is commonly compared to Denmark or the state of West Virginia in the United States. Although Costa Rica is a small territory, it makes up about 5% of the earth’s biodiversity in its rainforests. For good reason, Costa Rica is often called “the lungs of the world”. Fortunately, this natural treasure is protected by the National System of Conservation Areas, preserving a total of 25% of the national territory.

Visitors can enjoy the country’s majestic volcanoes, Pacific and Caribbean beaches, tropical dry, wet, and rain forests, as well as exhilarating jungle landscapes, all without traveling long distances.

National Parks

There are currently 26 National Parks of Costa Rica, which are managed under the umbrella of SINAC (Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion), a department of Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE). All told, Costa Rica’s protected areas encompass more than 25% of the country’s total landmass.[1] Many of these protected areas are national parks.Costa Rica’s progressive policies on environmental protection and sustainable ecotourism in the National Parks System have been lauded as a model for other countries. The rainforests, tropical forests, marine areas and wetlands of Costa Rica are the subject of many university and scientific organization studies. The enrichment of the world’s knowledge of these important habitats is an invaluable contribution from the National Parks System of Costa Rica.

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