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07 Sep

Family-friendly adventure in Costa Rica

Authentic Adventures for Explorers of All AgesWhat kid wouldn't love to walk through a rainforest filled with bugs of all sorts? Or paddle on a jungle canal with turtles and basilisks watching from rocks and monkeys swinging overhead? And what parent doesn't want to share the joys of adventure with their kids? In Costa Rica, authentic adventures are close at hand and many are perfectly suitable for families with young explorers. A recent trip to Costa Rica and Rios Tropicales Pacuare Ecolodge let savvy family traveler Sarah Fazendin and her young family experience the wonders of Costa Rica up close and personal.[caption...

17 Aug

The History of Rios’ Rainforest Restoration Program

From Adventure Tourism to Rainforest RestorationIt was only about six years after founding our adventure tourism company in 1985 that we began our reforestation program. Rios Tropicales started out in 1989 with the practical decision to buy some property for our overnight trips. We had been camping on Anibal Obando's property for about three years. His self-sufficient farm included sugar cane, pineapples, cattle, corn, rice and several other products. Every day, Anibal, Doña Dina and their 15 kids would hike up from their home in El Tigre to harvest and care for this property. While their property was (and is!) spectacularly beautiful, it's...

10 Jun

What Is Greenwashing?

The Reality of GreenwashingSeems like everyone and everything is being touted as “green” these days. From personal care products to food items, the promises and claims are all about being eco-friendly and sustainable. It was inevitable that the green-labeling spree would hit the travel industry, including hotels and resorts. But how do you tell what’s what? Is simply recycling and offering to reuse towels and linens enough to warrant a green label? While those steps are very important and do save resources, there are other criteria to consider.Seeing the Green for the EnvironmentIf you’re planning your vacation and investigating your...