Horseback Riding

Tours from our lodge to Bajo Del Tigre are available by hiking up the main trail and then riding horseback to this local community. Once there, community members will introduce you to their agricultural way of life. You’ll tour their sustainable farming projects, hear about what sustainable development means to them and their community.


You can also ride horseback all the way to Terciopelos farm, which is part of our reserve. There you can participate in our reforestation project by planting one or more trees and catch tilapia for lunch at our sustainable tilapia fishery (seasonal).


For those guests in sufficiently good shape, we can arrange a trek through the forest to visit an indigenous Cabecar Indian Village. They will introduce you to their traditional way of life, which continues today largely unchanged from earlier times. Several members of this village were the builders of our first lodge huts, and two village members continue to work with us here at the lodge, hiking to and from their village each day.

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