Manuel Antonio Sea Kayaking Isla Damas

Manuel Antonio Sea Kayaking Isla Damas

Paddle through one of the most unique ecosystems on the planet—a mangrove forest. The smooth inland waterways of the Damas Island Estuary by Quepos are a perfect place to learn about this important habitat and why we need to protect it. Mangrove forests are disappearing around the world at an alarming rate.


Mangroves thrive where the ocean’s saltwater meets the fresh water of tropical rivers, creating a periodically submerged forest of interlacing aerial roots. These “trees on stilts” play a key role in protecting coasts from storm surges and erosion, filtering water, storing carbon, and hosting high levels of biodiversity.


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Trip Details

Trip Length: Half Day
Paddle Time: 3.5 – 4 Hours
Minimum Age: 8
Distance: 5km
Price: $80

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What’s Included

  • Professional bilingual guides
  • Kayaking equipment
  • Water and snacks during the tour
  • Transportation from and to your hotel in the Manuel Antonio / Quepos area
Recommended Gear
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Day 1 Itinerary

Using easy to paddle sit-on-top ocean kayaks, we will explore the coastal environment of the Damas Island mangroves. The tour time is tide dependent since we can only paddle during high and medium tide.

As we kayak through this labyrinth of calm waterways, your bilingual guide will show you the wealth of animals that live in this unique habitat. An abundance of shore and water birds live here, along with silky anteaters, monkeys, and boa constrictors in the upper branches. The massive root system is a nursery for many kinds of fish and shellfish, like the colorful Sally Lightfoot Crab. On the banks of the estuary, you may see turtles, caimans, and crocodiles slipping in and out of the water.

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