Eco-Lodge & Rafting Pacuare 4-Day Adventure

Overnights on Pacuare River & Rafting 4-Day Adventure

The Pacuare 4-Day Adventure & Ecolodge offers all the white water action of the famous Pacuare rafting adventure, with three nights and two complete days at our unique, remote Rios Tropicales Lodge, overlooking the river. From our ecolodge’s remote, riverside location, you can enjoy ziplining through the canopy (additional cost), rainforest hikes with naturalist guides, self-guided walks to waterfalls and pools, relaxing in a hammock overlooking the beautiful Pacuare River, and birdwatching. Dine in the open air with exceptional meals and wine (additional cost), more stars than you can imagine, and the vibrant sounds of the jungle.


The Pacuare River is rated one of the top rivers in the world for a host of reasons. You’ll get to explore the intimate nature of the rainforest from the river perspective. The warm water, cascading waterfalls, and opulently lush rainforest with its brilliantly colored plants, animals, and birds make this trip exquisite for your senses. Add in the exciting Class II, III-IV whitewater rapids and you have a tropical adventure packed with rich experiences that last long after you’ve returned home.


Our multi-day trips treat you to an exceptional adventure vacation experience combining rafting on the Pacuare with a stay at our remote Rios Tropicales Lodge, tucked in the rainforest on the banks of the river. Our ecolodge, complete with electricity and hot showers thanks to our hydro-powered generator system, is a model of ecotourism and sustainable business practices. We invite you to relax, explore, and enjoy Costa Rica’s natural paradise. It’s all quality time–your way–at its very best. The longer you stay, the more refreshed you return to your daily routine–we guarantee it!


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Trip Details

Trip Length 4 Day

Experience Type   Family, Adventurers, Ecotravelers

Price Dependant on lodging choice. Find options and details below.

What’s Included

  • Professional bilingual guides
  • Rafting equipment
  • Meals for 4 days, except dinner on day 4
  • Spacious changing rooms and showers
  • Lodging at Rios Tropicales Lodge
  • Transportation to and from San Jose,  Arenal, Cahuita and Puerto Viejo
  • On-site activities, such as guided nature hikes, adventure loop, etc.
  • Access to canopy zipline course”Additional Cost”
  • Secure, dry transport of your luggage in dry bag
Recommended Gear
Reservation Information

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Day 1

  • Pickup at your hotel
  • Tasty breakfast at Rios Tropicales Operations Center
  • Paddle and safety instruction at the Pacuare River put-in
  • Class II and III rapids in the Pacuare River
  • Hearty, riverside picnic lunch w/time for a waterfall and refresh
  • Arrival at the Rios Tropicales Lodge
  • Time to play and relax
  • Welcome cocktail and snacks
  • Delicious dinner with candle lights

Day 2

  • Full breakfast at the ecolodge
  • Choose from a number of activities or just relax in a hammock
  • Lunch at the lodge or picnic-style if you’re hiking or touring
  • Another delicious dinner

Day 3

  • Full breakfast at the ecolodge
  • 45-minute interpretive nature trail hike
  • Ride by horseback to reforestation and sustainable farming center
  • Participate in our reforestation program–plant a tree!
  • Visit to a sustainable butterfly garden
  • Lunch
  • Return to lodge and play, relax or explore
  • Another delicious dinner

Day 4

  • Healthy breakfast
  • Pack and prepare to continue the adventure in the Pacuare River
  • Class III- IV rapids on the Lower Pacuare and Gorge
  • Hearty hot lunch at the Rios Tropicales Operations Center
  • Transport back to your hotel

Who Can Go

Minimum Age 12, December – May.
Minimum Age 14, June – November.



Our Adventure Trip Regions

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Trip Time

  • 3 1

From 3 1/2 to 5 hours.

This trip includes our authentic, award-winning ecolodge.

Share Bunkbeds & Bathroom

Share Bunkbeds & Bathroom



Prices are per person per trip.

Deluxe Room With Private Bathroom

Deluxe Room With Private Bathroom



Prices are per person per trip.

Lodge Adventures

When you stay at the Rios Tropicales Lodge and its 2,470-acre private reserve, you can choose from several different guided tour experiences, make a difference through tree-planting, and enjoy a host of other unstructured activities. Of course, the longer you stay at Rios Tropicales Lodge, the more likely you’ll get to experience everything we offer. And, the more likely you will return to your daily routine refreshed, rested, and restored. Availability of certain activities depends on the length of your stay at the lodge.

Rainforest Restoration Tours

Hike up to the top of the Pacuare Gorge from the lodge plant a tree as part of our reforestation project at our 2470-acre rainforest reserve, the largest private reserve in Costa Rica. Reforestation began in 1990s, and by 2008 we participated in  the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Billion Trees campaign. We are ongoing participants and have planted over 20,000 trees to date. Our local communities, Costa Rican vacationers, and international vacationers together participate in and support our ongoing tree-planting campaigns.


As of June 2013, we increased our pledge to 25,000 trees.

Rainforest Hikes with Naturalist Guides

You will be amazed at the variety of plants, flowers, and trees that you will be able to identify in the rainforest, thanks to the in-depth training of all Rios head guides. Your bilingual guide will point these out, along with wildlife or birds you come across. Bring binoculars and cameras!


The larger Pacuare Protected Zone, of which we are a part, possesses a practically endless number of trails. Many of these trails were, and continue to be, used by the indigenous Cabecar Indian population to travel from village to village. These trails are not maintained and have existed for many generations. We offer maintained trails inside our reserve to access scenic sites such as natural water slides, waterfalls, and pristine pools in the rainforest.


Our hanging bridge across the river just below the lodge provides access to several waterfalls with private pools as well as our 1.5-mile trail with 45 identified species of trees that you can follow on your own.

Zipline Canopy Course

Enjoy a wonderful 4-line zipline course through the canopy, high above the nearby lodge complex. This express course is by advance reservation only and is an additional US$60 per person.

  • Multiple tree platforms and ziplines make this a thrilling, must-do experience.
  • All participants wear helmets, harnesses, and control gloves.
  • International zipline expert Victor Gallo, of Adventure Playground, built our zipline course. He designs and constructs courses around the world.
  • Coming in December 2015: Full-length zipline canopy course with 12 zips, sky bridges, rappelling, and more!
Rainforest Adventure Loop

Our half-hour Adventure Loop includes hiking through the rainforest, rappelling down the face of a waterfall and then three ziplines high over the river. You start right from the lodge and head into the Pacuare River Gorge. With views of the river, you’ll hike to the base of Wake-Up Falls.


Once at the foot of this Pacuare landmark, a 200-foot hike leads you to the safety platform. Here Rios Tropicales guides will fit you with professional climbing equipment and provide a safety orientation for this canyoning adventure.

  • You will rappel for 60 meters down the face of the waterfall with four different sections, the last of which is inside the waterfall! Be ready to be very wet.
  • From here, you can zip high over the river with a bird’s-eye view of Wake-Up Falls, Terciopelo Creek and the Pacuare Gorge.
  • One more zipline takes you over the river again, upstream toward the trail leading to and from Wake-Up Falls.
Horseback Riding & Local Community Tours

Tours from our lodge to Bajo Del Tigre are available by hiking up the main trail and then riding horseback to this local community. Once there, community members will introduce you to their agricultural way of life. You’ll tour their sustainable farming projects, hear about what sustainable development means to them and their community.


You can also ride horseback all the way to Terciopelos farm, which is part of our reserve. There you can participate in our reforestation project by planting one or more trees and catch tilapia for lunch at our sustainable tilapia fishery (seasonal).


For those guests in sufficiently good shape, we can arrange a trek through the forest to visit an indigenous Cabecar Indian Village. They will introduce you to their traditional way of life, which continues today largely unchanged from earlier times. Several members of this village were the builders of our first lodge huts, and two village members continue to work with us here at the lodge, hiking to and from their village each day.

Special “Old World” Activities to Enjoy at our River Lodge

We call these activities “Old World” because it seems that we just don’t slow down enough to enjoy them anywhere but on vacation. They used to be a common part of life before 24/7 schedules…

  • Relaxing in a hammock overlooking the beautiful Pacuare River.
  • Reading your favorite book or a lodge magazine.
  • Playing a board or card game with a friend or family member.
  • Bird watching (how many species can you find?).
  • Contemplating life or perhaps sustainable development.
  • Easy walks to nearby waterfalls and gentle soaking pools.
  • Practicing your rusty high-school Spanish.
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