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We’ve had the great fortune of being recognized and reviewed in a variety of national and international publications, both in print and online. Below is a sampling.

Canoe and Kayak Magazine
Channel 13 – Santiago, Chile
Chicago Sun Times – Travel Section
Conde Nast Traveler
Costa Rican TV channels 2, 4, 7, 6, 13
Discovery Channel “Go For It”
ESPN “Men’s Journal”
Global Adventure Magazine (U.K.)
Green Escapes Costa Rica
Jack Hannah’s Animal Adventures

Jax Fax
Los Angeles Times
Men’s Journal
MSNBC Internet report
MTV Sports
National Geographic Adventure magazine
NBC Today Show “Live for Today”
Outdoor Life Network
Outside Magazine
Paddler Magazine

R.E.I. Great Adventures
Recommend Magazine
River Runner Magazine
Self Magazine
Shape Magazine
Sportchannel America
Travel Channel “Outdoor Journal”
Travel Weekly
USA Channel “Alto Riesgo con ’El Cuaz'”
Westways Magazine

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Recent Media

Rios Tropicales Takes Couples on a Unique Romantic Getaway to a Lodge on Costa Rica’s Pacuare River
December 16, 2019.

In 1985, Rafael Gallo and his friends set out to create an eco-friendly travel company in Costa Rica. Today, that company, Rios Tropicales, leads expeditions to both coasts and through the country’s mountains and rainforest. It has also built an ecolodge that’s run entirely by hydroelectric power produced by the Pacuare River. Many couples enjoy Rios Tropicales rafting trips that take them down the river to parts of the country they can’t see on other tours.

Read the full story.>>

Ticos y exguerrilleros de las FARC: el arte de cambiar fusiles por remos
Febrero 10, 2019.

Una misión costarricense de rafting –impulsada por la empresa Ríos Tropicales y la ONU–, viajó a Colombia para reunirse con un grupo de exguerrilleros de las FARC. Enseñarles a domar los rápidos del río Pato, en completa paz, fue el motivo de la singular aventura.

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Notas de un viajero: Rafting en el Río Pacuare
Febrero 04, 2018.

Una de las actividades de aventura más recomendables, adrenalínicas y divertidas que puedes hacer en Costa Rica es el rafting. Y el escenario rey para este deporte es el río Pacuare. De hecho, se le considera como uno de los mejores ríos de todo el mundo para realizar esta actividad, tanto por sus rápidos como por su espectacular entorno.

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Travel Leisure: The Adventure Issue
July 2017, 2017.

It’s no secret that Costa Rica has idyllic beaches and a remarkable diversity of wildlife. But, as Peter Heller reveals, experiencing the country from a raft or kayak offers a whole new perspective.

Read the full story>> TRAVEL AND LEISURE ARTICLE JUL 2017

Miami Herald: Adventures on Costa Rica’s wild side
August 21, 2015 by Chelle Koster Walton

Highly respected Rios Tropicales, the second such outfitter in the nation to open in 1985, makes a series of river adventures an unforgettable, seamless experience.

It begins with a bus ride to the company’s operations base in Siquirres. There I dropped my luggage in a locker after stuffing a small backpack to see me through three days. After a typical Costa Rican lunch of salad, pasta and black beans and rice, the tour group traveled to the river in the rain, first by bus, then tractor-drawn wagon.

Read the full story>>

Paddling Life: Paddling the Pacuare -The best, most accessible, family-friendly jungle raft trip in the world.
July 23, 2015  Eugene Buchanan

Avid paddler and father Eugene Buchanan took his family to Costa Rica to experience jungle adventure.  In his words: The 21-mile stretch drops 1,150 feet to its near sea level take-out at the town of Siquerres, meaning it’s riddled with constant Class II-III rapids, and a smattering of Class IVs.  Thirty-three, dad!” says my daughter, Casey, 12. No, she’’s not guessing my age (I can only wish). We’’re near the end of our three-day rafting trip down Costa Rica’s Pacuare River and she’s been counting riverside waterfalls, just one of many perks paddling perhaps the greatest, family-friendly jungle raft trip in the world. Read the full story>>

Mens Fitness: 7 Epic Summer Last Minute Vacations
July 10, 2015  by Cristina Goyanes

With the 30-year-old Rios Tropical tour operator as your personal trainer, you can easily turn this exotic paradise into the ultimate outdoor gym. Give your upper body a helluva workout paddling (think seated cable row) through two of the country’s most challenging and stunning rainforest rivers on this three-day, two-night kayaking trip ($500 per person,  Read the full story>>

A Week at the Beach: Real Adventure on the Pacuare River
July 7, 2015  Sarah Fazendin

Family Travel Blogger Sarah Fazendin spent a month traveling through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama with her hubby and 2 kids, ages 4 and 8. Along the way, they got the opportunity to experience the award-winning Rios Tropicales ecoLodge on the banks of the Pacuare River. Find out why they raved about their experience. Read the full story>>

Adventure Travel News
Mayo, 2018.

This initiative was made possible by a partnership with Visit Wales and marks the second occasion the ATTA has hosted a large-scale, net-zero carbon event. In 2016, the ATTA partnered with Costa Rica adventure company Rios Tropicales and the Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau to offset more than 1,200 tons of carbon dioxide by planting 5,000 trees on the Rios Tropicales Private Rainforest Reserve in Costa Rica

Read the full story.>> The 5 best whitewater lodges in the world
Marzo 05, 2018.

These lodges are destinations in and of themselves, but their proximity to world-class whitewater rafting makes them all the more drool-worthy. Here’s a rundown of five of the best whitewater lodges in the world.

Read the full story.>>

Huffington Post:  Rafting into Costa Rica’s Pura Vida
June 3, 2015, by Olivia Katrandjian

Olivia Katrandjian joined us on a multi-day Pacuare eco-adventure. She rafted and stayed at our ecolodge, and interviewed Rafael Gallo, co-founder of Rios, on what sustainability really means. “Pura vida.” Literally, it means “the pure life,” but Costa Ricans use it to mean everything from “life is good” to “good luck,” “cheers” to “no worries.” On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I found myself embodying the phrase in all its meanings. Our adventure began when we climbed onto the back of an old, ramshackle tractor painted in bright yellows, blues and reds, and drove down a dirt road to the edge of the Pacuare River, one of the premier whitewater rafting rivers in the world.  Read the full story.>>

Matador Network: 5 Incredible Under-the-Radar-Vacation Spots in Costa Rica
February 25, 2015  by  Cathy Brown

Cathy Brown came to Costa Rica and experienced the pristine Pacuare river. There’s no better way to take in the grandeur of the mountains, canyons, and waterfalls of the Rio Pacuare than by raft. The river is ranked by National Geographic as one of the top 10 for whitewater rafting in the world, and there are tour operators and sections of the river to accommodate every ability level. While you may be a little busy managing the rapids, you’ll likely catch glimpses of numerous birds and monkeys along the way.  Read the full story here.>>

BucketTripper: River Rafting in Costa Rica
February 25, 2015  by  Chelle Walton

Chelle Walton had never been white water rafting before she jumped onto a Pacuare River Rafting trip with us. In her own words: I perched in the front of the bouncing rubber raft like a figurehead, clinging to the side straps for dear life, forgetting not to scream as wave after wave slapped my face and filled my mouth.  Read the full story here.>>

Jetset Extra: Eco-Adventure at its Best in Costa Rica
February 23, 2015  by  Doug Hanson

Doug Hanson joined us for our Tortuguero Jungle Kayaking and Pacuare Rafting tour – in his words:  “Pura vida!” we all shouted in unison as we lifted our paddles victoriously into the air after smashing through another rapid on Costa Rica’s renowned Pacuare River. The shout meant “pure life” and that’s exactly what a weeklong visit to Costa Rica provided in abundance.  Read the fully story here.>>

SUP Magazine:  Teeming Tortuguero – Paddling Costa Rica’s Vast and Watery National Park
July Issue 2015, by Eugene Buchanan

Eugene Buchanan took him family jungle kayaking to Explore Tortuguero National Park on SUP boards, kayaks, and hiking, while staying at Mawamba Lodge. His 16 and 12 year old daughters up close indeed with the teeming wildlife in Tortugeuro.  Download the TortugeuroPDF-SUP-BuchananTrip  to read the full story.

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