Rios Tropicales CEO Rafael Gallo honored for outstanding business leadership

Rafael Gallo Rios Tropicales

13 Apr Rios Tropicales CEO Rafael Gallo honored for outstanding business leadership

For 35 years, Costa Rica adventure company Rios Tropicales has been a leader in rainforest conservation and sustainability, actions that earned its CEO Rafael Gallo praise from the nation’s top business chambers.

by Shannon Farley

Rios Tropicales is proud of our CEO Rafael Gallo, who was honored by the Costa Rica business and tourism chambers for his outstanding contributions to adventure tourism and conservation.

In celebration of the National Day of Private Business 2020, nine distinguished business leaders were commended for their exemplary careers by the 48 chambers affiliated with the Costa Rica Union of Chambers and Business Sector Associations (UCCAEP). Gallo was unanimously nominated by the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR), the Costa Rica Chamber of Restaurants (CACORE), the Costa Rica Chamber of Hotels (CCH), and the Chamber of Health. Costa Rica’s President, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, led the ceremony on Feb. 25 to acknowledge the business leaders.

“Mr. Gallo is recognized for his endeavors in the tourism industry as co-founder and president of Rios Tropicales, a pioneering company in adventure tourism and protector of the rainforest,” stated the UCCAEP.

“This is a great recognition by the national business chambers. Being nominated for tourism next to all of these other distinguished persons is an incredible honor,” said Gallo. “It is excellent that they are recognizing entrepreneurs who are not only succeeding in business but also in sustainability and caring for the environment. It is an honor to be recognized for my way of doing business in Costa Rica that focuses on rainforest conservation and sustainability principles.”

Álvaro Sáenz, business leader with UCCAEP, stressed that the entrepreneurs who were recognized represent the most appreciated values ​​of trust, dedication, honesty, solidarity, and service.

Gallo additionally was lauded at the end of 2019 by the Biodiversity Partnership Mesoamerica (BPM) for being an important member of that organization. The BPM is a multisectoral association working to conserve the biological wealth of Mesoamerica and support the private sector in integrating biodiversity conservation efforts into business activity.

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