Rios Tropicales Honored at Adventure Travel Awards 2018 for Rainforest Reserve.

15 Mar Rios Tropicales Honored at Adventure Travel Awards 2018 for Rainforest Reserve.

By Shannon Farley


Adventure travel can make a positive difference to the planet and people, believes Rafael Gallo, owner and co-founder of Rios Tropicales and leader in rafting and ecotourism.

“Adventure tourism has to take care of the planet. Be it the mountains, rivers, deserts, forests or the sea where we do our trips, we as business operators have the responsibility to protect it, to take care of it and to give positive examples,” said Gallo.

Rios Tropicales was recently honored for being a positive example in adventure tourism and giving back to the planet at the international Adventure Travel Conference, held in London in January.

Rios Tropicales was “Commended” in the Adventure Travel Awards 2018, in the Giving Back category, for its Rios Tropicales Rainforest Restoration and Conservation Project in the Pacuare River Valley. The awards were announced on January 18 during the London conference.

“This category is looking for an outstanding example of an organization giving something back … that helps the planet in some way,” states the awards website.

“It was a great honor to be commended for our project, as the short list included some of the most reputable adventure travel companies in the world,” said Gallo.

The Rios Tropicales Rainforest Reserve conserves and restores over 2,500 acres of rainforest in the Pacuare River Valley. Since 1990, more than 29,000 native species of trees have been planted and cared for in what has become the largest private reserve in the area.

The Pacuare River Valley holds extraordinary natural beauty, and is home to indigenous Cabecar people in addition to being an important biological corridor for endangered wildlife like jaguars, ocelots, three species of monkeys, and Great Green Macaws. Rios Tropicales provides long-term environmental protection in its reserve, protecting the Pacuare watershed and providing habitats and food sources for wildlife while safeguarding them against illegal hunting.

Besides generating oxygen for the planet, the Rios Tropicales Rainforest Reserve captures 18 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare (2.47 acres) per year, based on calculations from EARTH University in Costa Rica. That means their forest mitigates over 17,000 tons of carbon annually. Not only does it make Rios Tropicales a carbon neutral company, it allows them to enable special international events to be carbon neutral, such as the Adventure Travel World Summit 2016 and the World Rafting Championships 2011.

The Pacuare River is a top adventure travel destination, especially for whitewater rafting trips on one of the world’s most wild and scenic rivers.

“I believe that too many people in the world are engaging in adventure travel using nature without giving anything back. Our Rios Tropicales Rainforest Restoration and Conservation Project sets an example of how adventure travel can make a positive difference,” said Gallo. “We are using Mother Nature for our adventure trips on the rivers in the rainforests of Costa Rica, and we say thank you to the planet by protecting the watershed and restoring and conserving the rainforest. We are preserving the planet’s resources for future generations.”

All guests on multi-day Rios Tropicales trips on the Pacuare River have the opportunity to plant a tree in the Rios Tropicales Rainforest Reserve. Contact the company for more information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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