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20 Oct

White Water Rafting The Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica: An Epic Two-Day Adventure.

It was 5:00 am on a Friday morning, and I was terrified. I was on my way to the Rios Tropicales operation center to begin a two-day white water rafting adventure down the Pacuare River—considered by National Geographic to be one of the best destinations for rafting in the world.    While normally this kind of travel experience would be right up my alley, this time around I had some hesitations… Last time we went white water rafting, while I admittedly had a blast, there was also a bit of a scare. Basically, rocks shifted in the river, our raft unexpectedly flipped and everyone...

30 Aug

Record-breaking Costa Rica tree planting generates historic carbon neutral Adventure Travel World Summit 2016 in Anchorage, Alaska

 Rios Tropicales and the Costa Rican Network of Private Nature Reserves partner with Visit Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Adventure Travel Trade Association to make world adventure travel conference carbon neutral.  EARTH University Carbon Neutral Unit verifies the event.(San José, Costa Rica, 22 August, 2016): In a bold move to show the world the importance of global climate change, Costa Rica partnered with the Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau in Alaska and the Adventure Travel Trade Association to plant 5,000 trees to make the upcoming Adventure Travel World Summit 2016 completely carbon neutral.In one of the country’s...