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Reventazon River rafting
10 Apr

Return to Costa Rica’s iconic Reventazon River rafting

Costa Rica’s leading whitewater outfitter Rios Tropicales once again offers Reventazon River rafting trips. Ideal for first-time rafters and families, the Reventazon is a thrilling one-day Costa Rica adventure Shannon FarleyReventazon River rafting is back!Always a favorite river trip in Costa Rica, leading whitewater outfitter Rios Tropicales is once again launching one-day rafting trips on the Reventazon River. After a hiatus of a few years while the most recent hydroelectric dam was built upriver, Rios Tropicales is returning to the iconic river the company has rafted commercially since 1985.In fact, the Reventazon River was the first river ever to...