Why Costa Rica is the best vacation destination

28 Jan Why Costa Rica is the best vacation destination

Exotic and Tourist-Friendly

If you want to experience a gorgeous foreign country and be welcomed with open arms, Costa Rica should be on the top of your list. Costa Rica is a peaceful, democratic country with a friendly, warm culture that invites foreigners to explore our small Central American country. You’ll have no trouble finding English-speaking tour guides and companies waiting to assist you. In fact, tourism comprises a significant portion of our country’s GDP and continues to grow every year. Want more reasons? Keep reading.

eltigre-school El Tigre School children enjoying a Costa Rican recess.

Sustainably Yours

Costa Ricans have long emphasized environmental stewardship of our small country–Costa Rica occupies a mere 0.03% of the Earth’s land mass yet is home to almost 4% of the total species on our planet. Yes, we are proud of that! In our 60 years as a country, we have become a role model of sustainable tourism. We choose to work with our environment and its rich biodiversity (more than 500,000 plant and animal species) instead of exploiting its natural resources–such as rare hardwood in the rainforests, precious metals in the South Pacific, and oil in the Pacific Ocean. Our intricate and long-standing system of national parks and reserves conserves about 25% of the country, one of the highest percentages in the world. In addition, Costa Rica is on track to become the first carbon-neutral country, with 99% of the country’s energy needs met through a combination of geothermal, hydroelectric, and wind power.


A happy sloth hangs out in one of Costa Rica’s many protected areas.

All this emphasis on sustainability and tourism translate to a country determined to show you an amazing time. You’ll find Ticos and Ticas (male and female Costa Ricans, respectively) prepared to greet you with their philosophy of Pura Vida (“pure life”).


A reforestation project started by the Rios Tropicales Foundation in 2008.

Options for All

Bordered on two sides by bodies of water–the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Ocean on the east–Costa Rica offers an incredible range of climates and activities for adventurers of every age, interest and skill. If you’re an active person, you can hike volcanoes, walk through lush rainforests, splash in natural waterfalls, or kayak and raft on any number of rivers. You can try your hand at surfing, sport fishing or mountain biking. Or if your tastes run more to the relaxing and observing, there are hammocks for lounging, beaches for lying around, and plenty of incredible scenery and wildlife to watch. Just sit back and listen to the sounds of toucans, howler monkeys and the occasional yet elusive jaguar. And, because Costa Rica is a small country, you can do practically all of these activities within one vacation!


Pedal by banana plantations, volcanoes and through rain forests.


Paddle across Lake Arenal with an active volcano as your backdrop!

Location, location, location–Proximity is everything


So many experiences await you in such a conveniently close country!

Who wants to waste precious vacation time on 10- or 14-hour flights? The jet lag alone eats up a day or two. You can experience the wonder and exotic climate of Costa Rica with relatively short flight times. From Los Angeles, it’s a six-hour flight to San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, and a mere five hours from New York City. It’s hard to beat such short flight times and still end up in a foreign country just waiting to introduce you to its beauty.

What are you waiting for? Consider this your personal invitation to visit us here in Costa Rica. Learn more about the many ways to experience our beautiful country on our website. Pura Vida!

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